What we do

Intensive, intimate programmes. One or more days.
Artist Talks
When an interesting photographer is in the Netherlands for an opening, we'll book him or her for a lecture.
Portfolio Reviews
One-on-one with the greatest photographers on the planet, talking about your work.

What people say about us

I have long been a fan of Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene. Her portraits of adolescents possess an extremely quiet and forceful beauty. I’ve often wondered how she manages to create work that is so beautiful, while always avoiding the trap of producing mere clichés.

Our mission

Workshops, masterclasses and lectures by the world's greatest photographers. Organized by photographers, for photographers. Strong focus on contemporary fine-art photography. For professional photographers and serious amateurs.

Who we are

Hellen van Meene -
Executive Director
Superstar artist. Photographer. Beekeeper.
Movanna Bolhuis -
Director of Operations
The Fixer. Entrepreneur. Member of the Board of Advisors.
Jörg Colberg
Writer & photographer. Chairman of the Board of Advisors.
Frank van Eykelen -
Web & Social Media Director
Webmaster. Member of the Board of Advisors